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Abbey Stock Finish

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ASF Abbey Stock Finish Quick Drying to a Rich even Sheen ideal for finishing our Wood Grips 

ASF Abbey Stock Finish Quick Drying to a Rich even Sheen ideal for finishing our Wood Grips 

Protects and nourishes all wood

Ensure stock or grips are clean and dry

Rub Abbey Stock Finish into the wood with a clean cloth

Polish to a deep even sheen

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SKU 200-009
Gun Model Crosman 2250b Ratcatcher, Crosman 2250XL Ratcatcher, Crosman AS2250XL King Ratcatcher, Crosman 2240/1740 Ratbuster, Crosman 2300 Target, Crosman 2260/1760 Rabbit Stopper, Crosman 1377 1998-present, Crosman 1322, Crosman 2289 Backpacker, Crosman 1077, Crosman 1720T, Crosman 1701P, Benjamin Marauder BP2220, Benjamin Discovery, Benjamin Maximus, XS/QB 78 & 79
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