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Bisley Gun oil Aerosol

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200-007 Bisley Gun Oil is a high quality light viscosity mineral oil Aerosol 150ml formulated for sporting & airguns

200-007 Bisley Gun Oil is a high quality light viscosity mineral oil Aerosol 150ml  especially formulated for quality sporting guns. Its unique rust inhibitor prevents corrosion and rusting for prolonged reliable performance. It is specially formulated to ensure fast smooth action fast precision machinery its high penetration reaches all friction areas.


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SKU 200-007
Gun Model Crosman 2250b Ratcatcher, Crosman 2250XL Ratcatcher, Crosman AS2250XL King Ratcatcher, Crosman 2240/1740 Ratbuster, Crosman 2300 Target, Crosman 2260/1760 Rabbit Stopper, Crosman 1377 1998-present, Crosman 1322, Crosman 2289 Backpacker, Crosman 1077, Crosman 1720T, Crosman 1701P, Benjamin Marauder BP2220, Benjamin Discovery, Benjamin Maximus, FX & Webley, XS/QB 78 & 79, CP1 & Trophy
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